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As world-class car automotive brands are entering the market, Nepal’s automobile trading industry has grown to be extremely competitive.

Furthermore, with the phenomenal growth in the construction sector, the demand for construction vehicles and equipment has significantly increased.

IME Automotive Private Ltd.

IME Automotives has obtained the authorised distributorship for Escorts Construction Equipment in Nepal. The company supplies heavy construction equipment such as cranes, backhoe loaders, and compaction equipment. Additionally, it is the exclusive distributor of Harley Davidson, an American motorcycle brand, in Nepal.

IME Motors Private Ltd.

IME Motors has secured the authorised distributorship status for Ashok Leyland vehicles in Nepal. Ashok Leyland is India’s second-largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, the fourth-largest manufacturer of buses globally, and the sixteenth-largest manufacturer of trucks worldwide.

IME Electric

IME Electric is the sole distributor of Raft Motors which tends to deliver economic, smart, innovative, stylish, comfortable and energy-efficient electric vehicles and set benchmark of eco-friendly technology for the Future Generations to follow.

Venture Hire Purchase Private Limited

Venture Hire Purchase Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of IME Motors Pvt. Ltd., is a private limited company incorporated in Nepal with Registration No. 167715/73/074, dated 2074.01.15, and its registered office is located at Panipokhari. The company is a financial services institution licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank to conduct hire purchase transactions, as per License No. NRB/H.P./Other/08/076/77, dated 2076.08.03. Through hire purchase arrangements, it specialises in providing financial support for acquiring commercial vehicles, machinery, dozers, solar equipment, backhoe loaders, cranes, tractors, and other alternative energy products.

We believe in providing reliable services in the most convenient and ethical way to serve the nation.